Blog-The Cost of Dedication Remorse

The Cost of “Dedication” Remorse

Leviticus 27:28 says: But no devoted thing that a man devotes to the Lord, of anything that he has, whether man or beast, or of his inherited field, shall be sold or redeemed; every devoted think is most holy to the Lord. I love the passion that I see new members have for the church.

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Blog-Enough is Enough

Are You Willing to Say, “ENOUGH?”

Everyone’s had enough of something. For some, it’s that “Christmas” isn’t in the vocabulary of too many companies and marketing campaigns at this time of year. For others, it’s the disgust of partisanship. And on, and on, and on, and on. Having had enough causes different reactions, such as: (1) Emotional, spiritual, or physical collapse

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