Faith, Life & Fellowship


Our plan to ready ourselves for the day Jesus returns:

We want people to crave what Jesus offers, to be satisfied in all that He gives, and to see and live as if life is a blessing. We want to be ready.

Zion is all people, from all walks of life and from all areas of Akron and beyond, gathered in downtown, seeking to affect change within our city, by the power and grace of God.

We accomplish that by being a people committed.generous.relational.

Together we are better. Together we are stronger. Together we are a movement.

And we welcome you to be a part of that movement.


These values affirm what the people of Zion Lutheran Church believe about God and His mission for us:

We believe that the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ is the heart of the message of God’s church.

We believe that lost people matter to God and must matter to us.

We believe that the God who gave His best for us deserves the best we have to offer.

We believe that ministry must be Scripturally based and doctrinally sound, while remaining culturally relevant.

We believe that authentic, loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life.

We believe that prayer and trust in the Holy Spirit are essential for fruitful living and effective ministry.

We believe that God has called all people to joyfully minister in the area of their giftedness.

We believe a Christian is:
One presented perfect in Jesus on the day He returns.
A servant after the way of Jesus.

We believe that the Christian life centers around personal growth by studying and following God’s Word with the goal of knowing Jesus as the only path to forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life. We believe that servanthood is the fulfillment of following the way of Jesus.