Blog-November 16th, 2016

How Abundantly Abundant Is Your Life?

I like abundance. Who doesn’t?

Luke 12:15 says: And he said to them, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”

Then I read passages like this and I get hesitant, that guilt-ridden journey of what is too much?

Abundance, like many other concepts, is a sliding scale. For some, they’ll never see abundance because they’ll never be satisfied. But, the more satisfied that we are, the more we’ll find that we have an abundance. Abundance, to me, is an extension of how grateful we are for the blessings around us. God reminds us that the more faithful we are in the little things, the more He’ll give to manage and prosper. If we are faithful in managing our gratefulness in the little things, then we already have an abundance from God. And that is the joy of the Lord.

Then there’s the ugly, dark side to abundance, that nasty word covet. No one wants to believe that they are coveting someone else’s possessions, or more stuff in general. But, it happens, and this is what Jesus is concerned with in us. Where is the line? Well, Jesus tells us that the line is different for each person when He says, “be on your guard.” Depending on where our heart is, it could be easy to fall into covetousness, or it may be harder if we find greater satisfaction in God’s realm. No matter where we are, Jesus reminds us that there is always the opportunity that we could become a slave to covetousness, and drift from the will of God.

Here’s what I choose: I choose to not be so paranoid that it prevents me from enjoying God’s many gifts, but to regularly take inventory of my many reasons to give thanks. That gives me a reason to celebrate without the weight of feeling like I’m always sinning if I go to a movie, or if I decide that I like the new grill accessory. It doesn’t always have to be about function, and that’s the good thing about being in the grace of the Lord.

I have abundance already, but I can always imagine more. Any more is just an extra opportunity to give thanks and be reminded of where I’m at and where the Lord wants me to be. That frees me from guilt and allows me to live in Gospel fashion.

So, during this time of year, as we approach Thanksgiving, it is a nice reminder that the Lord grants many things, including mercy, in abundance to us who do not deserve it. Abundance is God’s good pleasure, to remind us that He is a loving Father. How much more it is His joy to enrich our lives so that we come closer and not take the gift and run. May the Lord give you the spirit of abundance. Amen.